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LinkedIn is the third most famous social media network.

It is a platform that is popular for individuals looking at building their careers.

It is also great for business growth.

LinkedIn allows you to interact with your colleagues and get more business ideas from them.

You can find future employers through your LinkedIn account.

It is a social media platform that lets you share content.

Community development is also a part of the LinkedIn network.

You can expand your network through your LinkedIn profiles.

Most LinkedIn users showcase their skills and talents through their account.

It is the best platform to show off your achievements.

You’ll notice a more focused shared content from this social media platform.

If you’re new to LinkedIn or already have an existing account, it is still best to learn the platforms’ best practices.

Here are 10 best LinkedIn practices you want to start doing to make your profile stand out.

Complete All the Details Needed

When you fill out your LinkedIn account, make sure to fill out everything.

Never leave something blank.

Once all fields are filled out, your account will look credible.

You will make it look more professional.

When you fill out everything, make your profile public.

Make Sure to Use Keywords

Allow your LinkedIn profile to be “searchable.”

Add specific keywords that stand out.

Keep the tone of your profile natural and add the keywords all throughout.

When you have all keywords across your profile, you have more chances of ranking online.

Always make sure that your LinkedIn account is set to public to add online visibility.

When you have a public account, your profile is visible to all search engines.

Make Sure to Add a Professional Photo

When adding a photo to your LinkedIn account, be sure to use the most professional looking one.

You need to make sure that the image you upload is of high quality.

When you add a professional photo of high quality, the overall look of your profile becomes professional.

Look neat in the photo.

Make sure everything you add to your LinkedIn account looks presentable.

Have a Customized URL

You are given a default URL once you create a LinkedIn account.

Be sure to customize your URL according to your profile.

Having a URL with your name on it makes it easy for others to remember.

Try to Get Endorsement from Your Connections

Increase your profile’s reputation by getting endorsements.

When you get endorsements from approved skills, you get more popular.

Return the favor by endorsing other talents from different profiles.

Keep an Updated Profile

Update your profile summary.

Whatever career change you’ve done, always add it to your LinkedIn profile.

Engage with other users to keep your profile active and more appealing.

Make Connections with the Right People

Connect with the right people.

You do not need to have a lot of connections, only relevant ones.

If you are trying to connect with people you do not know, make sure to write a LinkedIn message that’s enticing.

Make Sure to Join LinkedIn Groups

Another way to build your reputation in LinkedIn is to join groups.

Join groups that connect to your skills and interests.

Once you join these groups with the same interests as you, you have a great chance to promote your business.

Joining groups lets you share your profile’s content.

Sharing your content boosts your online reputation.

Stimulate Interest from Others

Ask a relevant question in your LinkedIn profile to gather comments.

This is a way for you to get relevant discussion from your audience.

Once you get people interested in your profile, you gather more leads.

You have the potential to grow your business.

Utilize LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s new publishing feature.

Using this platform lets you target a more specific audience.

Some of the features are SEO, content tagging, and deep audience targeting.

Once you use LinkedIn Pulse, your network will grow.

Your content will be shared to get more reach.

LinkedIn Pulse is essential to keep your network growing.

More Tips on LinkedIn Best Practices

The best practices mentioned earlier are already good to boost your LinkedIn profile.

These are ways to grow your network.

You can grow your business with these best practices.

Yes, these can be enough, but here are more tips on LinkedIn Best Practices that you can check out:

Make Your Profile Posts More Educational

When you post something on LinkedIn, make it educational.

This is not a place to sell.

Your content is likely to succeed when it is more educational.

People ask questions; when you give them answers, your content is likely to be shared.

Hel your audience answer some pain points.

Let your content be an answer to most questions.

Add Visuals to Your Content

When you post on LinkedIn, always add quality images.

Make sure these images are relevant to your topic.

Adding interesting visuals add appeal to your content.

Once you have appealing content, there is a greater chance of getting more views.

Once you have rich content, your audience will share your content.

Images play an important role in your profile’s content.

Add Videos

Make your LinkedIn content more interesting by adding videos.

Create a video to tell a story about your brand.

You can also answer frequently asked questions about your brand through videos.

Another way to create great content is to do an interview with an expert.

Showing customer testimonials through videos can also promote your brand.

Another way to enhance your profile is to make a video of real-life examples.

Consistently Publish Rich Content

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated with rich content.

Make sure to publish fresh, engaging content consistently.

You can publish great content 1-2 times per week.

Make your profile interesting with new content all the time.

If there are recent developments about your brand, be the first to give your audience educational content.

Tag Someone Properly

Tagging is a way to grow your brand through your LinkedIn profile.

Tag strategically to grab attention to your post.

You can tag an expert on the subject for your content to grow.

Tagging in LinkedIn can be with someone you are not connected with.

Be sure to tag properly.




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