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LinkedIn has 700+ million members from all over the world.

It is concentrated on business people, professionals, and companies alike.

With its wide reach, businesses use it to promote their brand and create awareness.

You can also use it to generate leads.

Most members use the potential of LinkedIn to do social selling.

Social selling is not a new concept.

If you have social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter,

You are probably already seeing ads brought by social selling.

Typically social selling refers to salespeople and marketing teams using social media to interact with their clients and audiences.

With most of the employees now working remotely and online because of the 2020 pandemic,

The sea is full of fishes.

It is time to cast your net and pull in loads of it.

Since your prospects are already online, use it to your advantage and build a relationship with them and improve your brand image.

But what does social selling entail?

Many seem to think that it merely requires spamming your connections with your content.

However, there are skills needed for effective social selling.

Some of these are essential social skills you’ve developed growing up, such as cooperation or common courtesy. 

You or your team master must succeed in social selling.

According to research, 78% of salespeople outsell competitors who don’t use social media.

Audiences are more likely to engage with companies who are proficient in social selling.  

That being said, you can use social selling to boost your profit and accelerate your sales.

Social Selling on LinkedIn

You might ask, why would I social sell on LinkedIn?

Again, it is because the website has a concentrated source of professionals and businesses and all you need to do is hone into your target audience and execute.

If you’re able to utilize and effectively use a social selling strategy, your business will start to grow exponentially.

It will increase your company’s visibility and attract new clients or buyers.

An effective social selling strategy is imperative to the success of your brand or company.

To achieve that, follow these six simple steps:

Optimize Your Profile

The first thing you need to do is optimize your profile on LinkedIn.

Your profile should reflect you, your brand, what you’re selling, and what values you uphold.

Therefore, it should look professional, credible, and trustworthy.

Start by having a good professional headshot for yourself and a great logo for your company.

Make sure that you have the perfect banner too,

The tip is it should be around 646 pixels wide and 220 pixels tall, according to LinkedIn.

Your profile picture along with your banner are two of the first things that your prospect will notice.

That is why you must establish your trustworthiness on your profile before you start making connections.

The maximum number of connections on LinkedIn is 30,000.

There are steps on how you can have good concentrated leads as connections and not just random strangers in your account.

The first step is to start with people who you already know.

Friendly tip: If you want to know more about how you can have quality 30,000 connections on LinkedIn, you can check our article HERE.

You’ll grow good quality leads from there to start your social selling.

Identify your Prospects

It is essential to understand who you’re selling to.

Tailor your social selling skills to whoever your audience is.

Make connections based on your first, second, and third-level connections.

You may also expand your reach by joining the right LinkedIn groups.

By joining LinkedIn groups, people will become more aware of your brand.

The people there are also already “categorized” such as groups for marketing, IT, copywriters, etc.

This will give you an idea of what kind of content is the most effective.

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You may make this step easier by using automation tools while you search.

Gather as much information about your prospects so you know what kind of content would be most effective.

You don’t want to share posts about the next IT innovation that can solve the lag between remote workers to people who are in the agribusiness.

Make sure you know your prospects and you also know when the best time to post.

The ideal time to post is during business days and hours.

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Make the First Move with Genuine Dialogue

If you know who your prospects are, it’s time to make the first contact.

This will start with your connection request.

As much as possible, send out personalized messages.

This will create a better impression than request messages which are obviously automated.

Start by greeting them by name and make an effort to use authentic dialogue.

This is why you should research them first so you’ll know what to put on the message.


Know their interests, any articles that they publish, or anything personal.

Do not do a sales pitch after they accepted your connection.

Make sure to nurture them first by sharing valuable content on your profile.

By doing this, you can turn your LinkedIn connections into paying clients.

Friendly Tip: If you want to know how to turn your connections into paying clients, you can check our article HERE.

Build and Strengthen Relationships

Maintaining your connections is as important as making them.

You should have enough information about your audience to know exactly how to strengthen your relationship with them.

Keep your content as genuine as possible.

Storytelling is the best way to market yourself on Linked In authentically.

Do you know why?

It is because storytelling has always played a significant role in humanity.

It always sparks our imagination.

Storytelling is humanity’s way of passing down knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.

Storytelling is innate in humans, it is also inherent in sales.

Don’t Limit Yourself Online

Level up your relationship by moving it offline.

Establish your connection even further by getting to know your prospect outside of LinkedIn.

This is where you can start to convert your prospect into a client.

By saying moving it offline, it doesn’t necessarily mean going out of the way and having a coffee meeting,

You can always do a phone call or a one-on-one video call.

Of course, meeting the person face-to-face is always the best bet.

It is a great method to clearly communicate goals without getting lost in translation.

A way to build loyalty and trust, which can help in sealing the bargain.

But because of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, don’t forget to practice minimum health standards.

Whatever you do, don’t rush or pressure your prospects.

Keep Track of Your Performance

With everything you do, monitor your progress.

Know your strengths, weaknesses, and points for next time.

Cliche as it may sound, it’s true that there’s always room for improvement.

Keep track of what methods are most effective for you.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a solid social selling strategy.

Key Takeaways

Social selling is not a new concept.

If you’ve been using social media, you are already exposed to social selling by salespeople and marketers.

LinkedIn is one of the best tools in social selling.

It has a concentrated number of business people and companies that you can target.

The first step in selling is to optimize your profile.

Make your profile trustworthy by updating your picture and banner.

These two are the first ones to get noticed.

You must identify your prospects.

You must know what they need or you can create a demand.

Make the first move with genuine dialogue.

Connect with your prospect and don’t forget to add in a genuine message.

Build and strengthen your relationship by nurturing them and by also posting targeted content.

Don’t limit yourself online.

You can move offline by doing a phone call or a one-on-one video call.

It is best if it’s a personal meeting so you two won’t get lost in translation.

Keep track of your performance.

If you think that kind of approach doesn’t work, adjust, learn, and try another technique.

If you want to go in-depth about the secrets of social selling on LinkedIn,

You can book a 30-minute call with us for FREE.

We are more than glad to help you out and give personalized advice on how you can tap on LinkedIn’s potential in giving you success in your business.

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